Presbyterian Women's Annual Tea for Missions

Happy Fall Y'all!

Well it feels like fall to me what with back to school!

I'm home from my vacation and accepting your reservations for the tea we attended and enjoyed last year.

I'm  making the banana bread so if anyone has bananas in their freezer,  please send them my way! I need 75 and I'm officially at 21!!

There  is a pumpkin on the chair at my front porch. If I'm not home, please  put your money in an envelope under it. Checks should be made to 

Oakland  Presbyterian Church Women. I'd appreciate an email to remind me to look  under it, too. I'm generally home after 6 pm on weekdays, 

pretty much  all day Saturday and Sunday afternoons if you're more comfortable  handing it to me. Please let me know who you  want to sit with. 

There are 8 seats to a table so if more than 8 want to  attend, we'll have to split up a little. It will be the table next to  ours so we can still visit easily!

Looking forward to seeing you!


PS:    Happy Monday,

I'm just re-sending this because I'm told folks have fallen off the Dames contact list or aren't on the list.

Please  know that I try very hard to keep this up to date but IF I DON'T Have  an email for you (or you don't read the email I have for you!), I can't  keep you 

up to date. I do make about 15 flyers for every get-together and put them in the media mailbox outside your home. I  would never intentionally leave anyone

 off this list. We have a GREAT  neighborhood (Dare I say, the BEST neighborhood!) and we want to all  follow the Golden Rule!

Please, if you know  someone has email or is new to email, have them contact me at this email  address. I'll add them lickity split to the Dames Contact list! 


3707 Kingswood Ct,