Winter Celebration

                                                                                                                                    Happy New Year, Dames!

I'm loving this cooler weather, having the windows open and enjoying the refreshing air.

While our Snowbird Dames are around, let's plan to get together at a local spot ... Akina Sushi Bar and Asian Fusion Bistro.

It's just across 27 so close enough.

My  youngest son, Tim, who was able to visit over the Holidays, and I have a  tradition of heading there for sushi during his visits but 

Akina also  has Chinese style food to enjoy. Please click on the link in the  attachment to view their lunch menu.

Since we live in Kings Ridge, we'll enjoy 10% off our checks as well!

If  you've never had sushi before and aren't crazy about eating raw fish,  not to worry. I'm with you! There are lots of sushi selections that  DON'T have raw fish and are still YUMMY! One of my favorites is the  Volcano roll. It's Shrimp  tempura, Cucumber, topped w/spicy Krabmeat & Scallop. Tempura is a  deep fried item. Click on the menu link and ask me any questions. I'm a  nurse. If it was dangerous to eat, I wouldn't! Lots of selections are  vegetarian so no worries with raw fish.

Akina  opens at 11 but has asked that we give them a few minutes to set the  dining room so we'll meet at 11:15. Separate checks as always.

Give me a call or email response by Friday Jan 24  if you can join us.Our next get together will be the week of St. Patrick's Day. Suggestions 

for a place to meet are welcome!


PS. That's the Australian flag flying outside my home. January 26 is Australia Day one of my most favorite parts of the world

Winter Celebration

Devonshire Dames 01-27-2020 (pdf)