Dames FRIDAY November 15 11 a.m. at Clermont Brewing Company

Grab interest

 Hi All,

As you make your plans for this coming week, don't forget the DAMES are getting together on FRIDAY.

Just a reminder for those of you interested in attending. 
19 have responded they are going and only 2 are unable to attend at this time.

Please let me know by Wednesday if you ARE attending.

If  you have a neighbor without email or whose name you don't see above,  please ask them to let me know if they are interested in attending. I  asked the restaurant for 20 seats but can easily expand it!

You're welcome to bring anyone from another neighborhood or friends visiting from near or far. All Dames are welcome!

860.343.3390 (mobile)   or Kathie.LarkeMSN@gmail.com

or knock on my door! Hillside Cottage, 3707 Kingswood Ct. I'm usually home before 0800 and after 1800