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Trees in Devonshire

  • By Lynn Topel
  • I get many questions about trees and this article will hopefully explain the basics for Kings Ridge and Devonshire.
  • At last month’s Devonshire Board meeting the board presented a spread sheet of all canopy trees, both managed by the neighborhood and the trees located in resident’s yards. The report was completed with DWC tree service and an independent arborist. Paul Hannon and Lynn Topel walked the neighborhood with the company and arborist. The study was done to allow all residents to know what potential problems may be located with our neighborhood trees and give the  board information to budget for the future care of our trees.
  • The report lists by house number; board responsible trees and resident responsible trees. It gives the type of care needed and where the trees are healthy and need no immediate care. Both the arborist and DSW commented on the overall good health of our neighborhood trees. They stated, “many neighborhoods in Kings Ridge would like to have the canopy and health of your trees.”
  • Please look at the report and check your house number for any concerns they found. The report gives a ballpark number of costs for the trees with issues to be remedied. This does not indicate a preference by the board to use any certain tree company.
  • Kings Ridge Master Board directed the ACC (Architectural Committee) to research canopy trees appropriate for Kings Ridge. The research was done with review by three independent arborist and the city of Clermont. The arborists looked at size (height & width), wind resistance, and life span and yard size. 
  • The information provided for canopy trees confirmed that the Standard Live oak (40-80 feet high and 60-100 feet wide) and the Winged elm (40-70feet high and 30-40 feet wide) are appropriate for our community. The study added two new trees, the Cathedral oak (30-40 feet tall and a maximum spread of 20 feet that can be planted 30 feet from another Cathedral oak) and the Highrise oak (grows 28-35 feet tall and has an upright, compact canopy that can be planted within 20 feet of another Highrise oak). The new trees are smaller both in width and height and were developed for urban landscapes.
  • The next article will provide the ACC guidelines for trees both in removal and planting.
  • The  file attach is a spread sheet for Devonshire Community from a CERTIFIED ARBORIST TREE REPORT COMPLETED ON 10.17.19

Devonshire trees rev (pdf)


Devonshire Neighborhood Coordinator


To  my Devonshire Residents as your Neighborhood Coordinator, I’ve returned  from the SALT Meeting held at clubhouse today (11/9/19) on Fraud and  how so many folks  get taken in by their telephones, internet and clicking on those sites  that you believe to be real but are not. It’s a sham to get your  information.

But the question of Emergency information one lady said we had bio sheets for police at one time. Well so did Devonshire. But those sheets were returned to us as the Police did nothing and couldn’t hold them. Meanwhile as your aware I keep our Master book current as  possible with all our names and pertinent information in case of  Emergency. Also, when I go to Orlando over the weekends the book travels with me. My Block Captains are aware that I have that book. They have copies of their names for which they assist in contact of their members if needed. As you know we are a community of 90 homes, as Neighborhood Watch  Coordinator plus eight Block Captains we are here to look out for each  other.

Also,  as a reminder if you have a Vial hopefully it contains your most  current list of medicines that you are taking and you keep it updated  within that  vial in your refrigerator near the butter dish within the door. This still holds true that the Firemen are aware of that and should the need ever arise “Wallo”. 

Our Disaster Team is always ready should the need arise. As for me I’m here and so are my Block Captains. All I ask is remember if an when an Emergency happens dial 911  and the fire truck usually arrives first and there is also an EMT on  board and will assess the situation and if the ambulance is needed will  be called.

Thanks everyone for your cooperation as our Devonshire continues to thrive and be blessed each day.

Just me, Phyl (Grammy)

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